Embedded at the foot of the northern hill range of Mount Uršlja  and Plešivška kopa the tourist farm Ravnjak is embraced by the Koroška region (Carinthia region), which can be compared to a daintly woven lace of woods, hills and meadows. In its character this surrounding offers a wide potential for diverse experience.

While staying at our place you can enjoy mountain climbing or hiking on the two nearby mountains, Mount Uršlja  and  Mount Peca.

For those who prefer discovering the local area, its culture, traditions and history, thematic paths in the vicinity offer wonderful possibilities to broaden one’s mind while relishing in the unspoiled nature. Go on a hike tour along the cultural – historic Roman Path, Franz Ksaver Meško Path and Prežihov Voranc Path. Franz Ksaver Meško and Prežihov Voranc were distinctive authors of the region.

Within walking distance there is a small green  lake, called Ivarčko jezero. The destination is a good choice for a short walk.

Mountain bikers can go on shorter or longer tours along the country roads and forest tracks in the neighborhood area. The ones with more endurance can cycle all the way around the foot of Mount Ursula.

Uršlja gora
Mount Ursula

In Ravne na Koroškem, 10 km away, there is a sports center with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness studio and sauna.

In winter the surrounding hills invite tourists with diverse ski slopes (Poseka, Kope in Slovenj Gradec, Koralps in Austria).

Another unique adventure tourists can find is timber rafting along the Drava river.

Located in Javnik near Ožbolt  the Timber raft club and restaurant Šarman will organize an unforgettable rafting tour on the calm and gently flowing river Drava.

Visit the grave of the region’s renowned writer Prežihov Voranc.

Drop by at the adjacent Garden of Koroška region and admire the gigantic steel-lit lily of the valley. Located in the middle of the settlement Kotlje, this sculpture  is a reminder of the annual Lily of the Valley festival, taking place every third weekend in Mai.

Slovenj Gradec, awarded with the title “Peace Messenger City” and a partner city in the project  The European Capital of Culture 2012, offers an abundant array of sights well worth visiting.

Not far away amidst the hills lie Leše and Šentanel,  two tiny  picturesque villages with rich historic landmarks and a green abundant landscape.

In Mežica, an old miners’ town, you can go on a tour into the dark and  hard past-times of the region. Either by a simple railway, by bike or by kayaks the underground of Mount Peca promisses extraordinary unforgettable discoveries.

Further to the North of Carinthia in the vicinity of King Matjaž’s cave where he has been sleeping for more than a hundred years there is  Črna na Koroškem. The small town  located in the middle of high hills at the end of a narrow valley is carries the nickname »The End of the World«. Being a craddle of quite a few successful skiers the place attracts special Slovenian as well as world-wide attention. The tourist can drop by the old brown bear’s home in the town core or visit the local Olympic Champion’ Museum.

If you want more information about the neighborhood of the tourist farm Ravnjak, do not hesitate but follow the links on the Internet or pay a visit to the local Dr. Franc Sušnik Library. Located in an old castle it holds a rich collection of local writers’ literary works as well as memorial rooms.

The area surrounding the farm is absolutely promising. Our guests can enjoy a diverse offer of cultural, traditional, historic, culinary or adventurous events and sights.

The tourist farm Ravnjak invites you to spend rich relaxing holidays within a hand’s reach.