The tourist farm Ravnjak, holder of the Four Apples Quality Award, lies under the abundantly stretched forest coat of Mount Urslja gora. Due to its sea level of 760 m it offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills of the Koroška region (Carinthia). Yet from this spot the glance stretches far more distantly, all the way to the hill ranges of Mariborsko Pohorje and Kope. Enlaced by meadows, a pond, fruit orchard and magnificent trees the tourist farm lures its guests into a cosy warm accommodation and promises rest, relaxation as well as a memorable experience. 

Whereas our predecessors’ main occupations were stock-breeding, dairy farming and timber trade, we have wholeheartedly devoted ourselves to the requests and wishes of our guests. The services we offer depict a respectful attitude towards the heritage as well as a clear vision of the future. We believe in ecological farming and we think highly of healthy nourishment without chemical additives. We believe that tourism stands for a charming location, healthy and delicious food as well as unique stories and experiences, crowned with sincere hospitality and affection.

We  are very proud of our agricultural activities like sheep farming, poultry farming, rabbit breeding and trout farming.

At our place you can take a deep breath of resin-enriched fresh air.

At our place you will be served crystal clear healthy water.

We can show you around the domestic vegetable garden. Here you will find a variety of home-grown vegetables, herbs and aromatic spice plants. If you wish, you can give us a hand at gardening or you can simply enjoy the plants and the earth.

One of our strongest desires is to take care of our guests and to satisfy them. There is a place waiting for you, where you can dream under a sky full of stars at night or find a hideaway in your daydreams. If you listen carefully to the calming silence, you might catch a sound of the sheep-bells, which will give your relaxation a special magical touch.

Sprinkled with colorful flowers the meadows around the farm grant a rare odoriferous summer experience. Amid the grass layer you indulge in the magical scent  of the nature, because no chemical fertilizers are used on the flowerbeds.

Winter at the tourist Farm Ravnjak shows an enchanting landscape. The immaculately white snow-covered country paths promise wonderful hiking or sledging. The youngest guests can have their winter joy around the farm. A  gently sloping hill is perfect for children to ride the sledge. Those who prefer skiing will find various skislopes in the vicinity.

The distance from the Tourist farm Ravnjak to Slovenj Gradec is 10 km.

You may just drop by, stay for a weekend, spend your vacation here, go on a trip or simply sit down and enjoy some good local food, … no matter what you choose,  we will always welcome you with warm affection and pleasure.

Your hosts!

Tourist farm Ravnjak